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Midwest Plays It Safe: 48 Drivers Receive Wisconsin Recognition for 2022

Midwest Drivers Recognized for Safety by Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association

We’re proud of the work our drivers do every day on the road and their dedication to safety that was recently recognized by the Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association. Midwest Carriers nominated 48 of our drivers for the WMCA’s President’s Safe Driver Club, a notable achievement for each. Annually, the WMCA inducts drivers with clean, safe driving records into the club, recognizing their continued dedication to roadway safety. The requirements for induction are not insignificant, requiring drivers to stay consistent and dedicated to safe driving every time they’re behind the wheel whether in a CMV or their personal vehicle. 

Wisconsin Association Awards Trucking Companies with Safe Drivers

The President’s Safe Driver Club inducts member organization drivers who meet safety and experience requirements. Drivers eligible for the Club for the first time must complete 36 months of continuous work with a single member organization, demonstrating their commitment to their carrier. Over the three-year period, drivers are required to be accident-free both on and off the clock, all while maintaining a clean driving record with no citations.  

President’s Safe Driver Club Award

Potential club inductees are nominated by an official from their organization upon completing the 36-month requirement with the requisite driving history. Nearly 1,400 Wisconsin drivers were recognized this year for their daily dedication to safety and responsible driving.  

Proud to be a Member of the Wisconsin Motor Carriers Assocation  

Midwest Carriers is proud to have been a Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association member for 31 years. True to our name, we are committed to our industry’s strong roots in the Midwest and do our part to contribute positively to our community and beyond. Our drivers enjoy competitive pay and stable paychecks, translating to stability for their families across the Fox Valley. We’re a Midwestern freight company committed to the values of and a bright future for Wisconsin. 

Safe Driving Isn’t Just About the Awards to Us

The dedication that nomination to the President’s Safe Driver Club represents is powerful. Every day our drivers are out on the road and as things come up, their ability to stay focused and attentive, to make the right decisions in traffic and adverse weather, and to be patient and responsible with speed and navigation, makes all the difference. Thank you, Midwest drivers! 

Safety is Foundational to the Culture at Midwest

Safety isn’t something we just talk about at Midwest. It’s built into our training, culture, and every day priorities. It’s part of every leadership conversation and permeates the way we all talk about our jobs. Even the way our drivers are paid for the work they do reflects the commitment to safety over mileage. That’s just one of the reasons (but an important one) why Midwest offers our drivers guaranteed minimum pay – because you shouldn’t be forced to drive in unsafe conditions just to make your paycheck.  

Drive for One of the Best Trucking Companies in Wisconsin 

There are plenty of reasons to make the switch to Midwest Carriers. Just take our list of President’s Safe Driver Club members as a reason on its own – we have 48 qualified drivers recognized that have committed to making the right call, every time, for the safety of everyone around them. That says something not just about them, but of the entire team and crew back at home, committed to the success and safety of everyone out on the open road. 

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Curious about what it looks like from behind the wheel of a Midwest truck? Reach out to our driver employment team today – we’re here to answer the questions you have to find the fit you’re looking for. We offer full transition pay, meaning it won’t cost you any lost wages to make the switch. It matters who you drive with, and at Midwest, you’ll see what makes the difference. Let’s talk. 

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