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5 Common Interview Questions All Truck Drivers Should Ask

You’re interviewing for a truck driving position. What questions should you ask?

There are plenty of things to consider when you’re interviewing for new jobs. In this blog, we’ve outlined the top 5 questions we think you should consider when you’re thinking about changing career lanes. You’re looking for a long-term fit: with the pay, benefits, and positive employee culture you’re after. Use these questions at your next driver interview to assess whether or not it’s a match.

Does this truck driving job measure up?

Truck driver job interviews should be a two-way street. A good trucking company encourages you to come with interview questions of your own, to get a feel for whether the job and culture will be a good fit. At Midwest, we love our drivers to come curious and encourage them to bring a list of questions to ask in our interview. 

Before you jump into the cab, use these common interview questions to weigh a trucking company’s OTR driving jobs.  

1. What’s the OTR trucking job salary, and how are drivers compensated?  

OTR truck drivers can log a lot of miles, and not every trucking company compensates drivers the same for the miles driven. That’s why we suggest this top interview question for truck drivers: “how do you pay your drivers?” Before you get behind the wheel, have a clear understanding of whether OTR drivers are paid hourly, daily, or by the mile, or with a weekly minimum guarantee and how the trucking company calculates mileage.  

Robin says: Here’s what to expect at Midwest Carriers

At Midwest Carriers, we’re a driver-focused company committed to offering better-than-average pay. 

  • Minimum guaranteed weekly pay, starting at $1,475-$1,550
  • Earn up to $1970/week with milage bonus!  
  • 37% above the national average pay for OTR drivers    
  • Up to $26 per hour local, OT after 40 hours 
  • Fuel efficiency incentive program  
  • After a verbal offer of employment is made, our Driver Employment Specialists put everything in writing and send you an official Offer of Employment Letter. This document details everything that our Driver Employment Specialists spoke to you about on the phone.  This way we eliminate any misunderstandings about your employment.

2. What benefits are included, and when do they kick in?

In a time when inflation is on everyone’s mind, benefits are just as important as take-home pay. An interview is a great time to talk truck driver benefits packages to be sure the trucking company you choose supports a balanced scheduled and can help you plan for the future.  

With a driver-focused culture, Midwest Carriers improved its truck driver benefits package in 2023

  • The top 50% of Midwest drivers earn over $101,388 per year before bonuses 
  • Employee-only health insurance is just $49/week with a $0 deductible 
  • Drivers earn $0.70 per mile after 2,400 weekly miles on the hub
  • New drivers get full transition pay paid the week after orientation 
  • Full benefits kick in 30 days after your first day, on the 1st of the month

3. What happens if I don’t “make my miles”?

There’s a lot uncertain in the world. Will your paycheck take a hit if the miles aren’t there? It’s one of the most important questions to ask in any truck driving job interview. 

For example, Midwest drivers are guaranteed a Weekly minimum for take-home pay.

Here’s how it works: Only hit 1,800 miles instead of the 2,400-mile goal because of unexpected delays such as weather, breakdown or an unusually long wait at a shipper? You still make the minimum guarantee weekly pay, up to $1550. Have a good week and drive 3,000? You make $0.70 per mile for 600 miles + guaranteed minimum pay. 

4. Why do truck drivers choose to drive for you?

The way a trucking company treats its drivers says everything. In your interview questions, ask why drivers come and why they stay. How does the company invest in its drivers and support your success? What kind of initiatives are in place to create a safe, healthy environment?

Robin says: Here’s what to expect at Midwest Carriers

A driver-focused culture means: 

  • Leadership empowering and investing in people who drive us forward 
  • Weekly home time  
  • Equipment designed to keep drivers safe 
  • Efficient operations and logistics 
  • Driver support to make life on the road easier  
  • Consistent, competitive pay with the opportunity to make more, especially if you are a runner!

5. What kind of truck will I drive?

Not all trucking equipment is built for maximum driver comfort, safety and efficiency. In fact, some companies send drivers on the road in outdated equipment that can cause safety issues. In your interview questions, ask the trucking company what kind of equipment you’ll have—from truck to trailer—to do the job.  

  • What brand is the truck?
  • How old is the equipment?  
  • What are the truck specs? Do the trucks have a refrigerator? Inverter? APU?
  • Is it a manual or automatic?

At Midwest Carriers, our equipment puts us in the top 6% of Smartway® certified carriers’ most efficient fleets. And we use the latest trucking equipment designed for driver comfort and efficiency. 

Bonus Interview Question: Ready to drive Midwest? 

Midwest Carriers is happy to answer any interview questions you have. Contact our driver employment specialists today or call 920-462-5037!