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Trucking Services

Midwest Carriers Supports Your Business

The Midwest Carriers team is here to serve your company. Using our cutting-edge technology and years of experience with trucking services, we provide reliable pickup and delivery times that are best-in-class care for all your goods.

Two Midwest Carriers trucks drive side by side along a road with rolling hills and trees in the background

Refrigerated Truckload

Whether your goods are chilled or frozen, our refrigerated trailers are equipped to ensure your products arrive in peak condition. Midwest Carriers’ refrigerated service features state-of-the-art equipment with real time product monitoring, so you can trust us to protect your processed cheese, fresh and processed meats, high-end medical products or other goods.

Dry Van Truckload

You can rely on Midwest Carriers to be on time, every time. We deliver your dry van truckload retail goods, bulk and processed coffee, metals used in precision manufacturing, high tech converting machinery, and more. We promise the utmost care and efficiency, ensuring your goods are where you need them, when you need them.


We can help you get your warehouse facility organized. We do business with your business, from Fortune 500 companies to local manufacturers. Our highly-trained team can safely streamline your yard and local operations.

Dedicated Services

Get all the quality of a private fleet without the cost and liability. Our team is happy to support your shipping needs by managing your schedule and load planning. We help find the ideal equipment and drivers for your freight.



Ready to Drive



Ready to Haul

Project Management

When you partner with us, we apply our years of experience to helping you attain peak operational efficiency. Bring us your most complex issues, and our team at Midwest Carriers will find the route and load plan that will improve your service and cut costs.

We Go Everywhere:
Shipping across the US

Your Needs, Our Experience

Midwest Carriers is ready to serve all your trucking services’ needs. Our years of experience means you can trust us to find the safest, most cost-effective way to get your goods where they need to go.



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