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The Benefits of Being a Midwest Carriers Truck Driver

Being driver-focused means caring about what drivers care about, receiving a competitive wage, benefits and safety. That’s why Wisconsin-based trucking company Midwest Carriers provided a 5 percent pay increase to all truck drivers, increased excess mileage, decreased healthcare premiums, and continued monthly performance bonuses.  

Female truck driver driving a Midwest Carriers truck down a split highway with cars driving by.


  • 37% above the national average pay for OTR drivers  
  • $0.70 per mile on the hub (OTR drivers only) after 2400 miles driven 
  • Up to $26 per hour local, OT after 40 hours
  • Orientation every two weeks 
  • OTR drivers are home weekly  
  • Weekly paychecks
  • Fuel efficiency bonus opportunities  
  • Minimum guaranteed pay 

Earn Wages 37% Higher than the National Average

Inflation is occupying headlines and many people’s minds. Midwest Carriers cannot do anything about the rising cost of eggs at the grocery store, but we can and have done something for our drivers. According to American Trucking Association data, this Wisconsin-based trucking company is offering their employees’ wages 37% higher than the national average. 

Surpassing the national average by miles, the average OTR driver at Midwest will now earn $95,539 per year. And that’s not the cap. One of the many pros of being a truck driver is the opportunity to become a top driver, bringing your earning potential up to $101,388 for the top 50% of Midwest drivers.  

The local fleet drivers will also see a 5 percent increase in hourly wages, bringing the starting wage to as high as $26 per hour. With overtime wages for hours worked over 40 in a work week, brings wages as high as $39 per hour.

Regardless of Miles Driven, Guaranteed Take Home Pay

Many things in the world are uncertain, but your paycheck shouldn’t be one of them. Midwest guarantees OTR drivers a minimum compensation not dependent on miles driven so drivers can rely on a consistent take-home pay. Regardless of the miles you’re assigned there’s a minimum amount you can count on that week.   

With drivers paid weekly via direct deposit, it adds peace of mind to the benefits of truck driving. Your bank account goes up and your worries go down.  

Make your mileage? In addition to guaranteed minimum pay and hourly wage increases, Midwest Carriers increased the cents per mile paid from $0.65 to $0.70 for miles driven over 2,400 in a work week. It gives the phrase, ‘if I had a nickel,’ a whole new meaning. And hopefully, a whole new feeling for truck drivers that find themselves wanting those extra miles.

Pay is Great, but What About the Benefits?

Well, we’re glad you asked. There are many benefits of being a trucker including regularly scheduled at-home time and a guaranteed wage, but it means nothing if it doesn’t include healthcare benefits and planning for the future.  

Therefore, Midwest Carriers paired the pay increase with a healthcare premium decrease of 18%. At only $49 per week for employee-only coverage, that’s 32% less than the national average. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the average premium for a single person in 2022 was $7,911 per year.  

The affordable coverage is offered alongside other first-rate benefits provided to Midwest Carriers employees, including dental and vision insurance, long-term disability, company-paid short-term disability, and life insurance, matching 401(k) and paid vacation.  

And that’s all before bonus potential. When drivers take care of themselves, Midwest takes care of their drivers. Being safe on the roads means making sure all safety and MPG requirements are met. When they are consistently met, there’s an opportunity to receive monthly performance bonuses adding cents per mile to your base pay through increased efficiency.

Driver-Focused Culture with 24/7 Logistics Support 

With employees driving the culture, Midwest Carriers can take pride in a significantly lower than industry average annual turnover.  

Drivers can rely on the team at Midwest. Midwest ensures employees have 24/7 logistics support on the road and modern, well-maintained trucks for their employees to drive. Mechanics keep equipment safe and running smoothly on the road.  

It Pays to Drive for This Wisconsin-Based Trucking Company

Explore how a stable career at Midwest Carriers offers the benefits and supportive culture you’re seeking.  

Midwest Carriers is hiring OTR and local drivers to join the team immediately. New employees can start as early as the company’s next orientation date, which occurs every two weeks. If you apply now, you can basically start a new job within 3 weeks, with no interruption in pay as we pay our drivers their guaranteed minimum as soon as they start. We make the change hassle-free, and you can expect full transition pay starting with your first check.  

Interested applicants can apply for careers on the website at or call Midwest Carriers with questions at 800-876-4330.  

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