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Midwest Carriers Earns Top Environmental Award from EPA SmartWay Program 5 Years Running

The country’s top environmental agency has recognized Midwest Carriers with the SmartWay High Performance Award for reducing our environmental footprint and improving freight efficiency. The honor is given to companies that lead the industry in sustainability efforts. Midwest Carriers was one of the less than 60 carriers selected from nearly 4,000 program participants. 

Freight companies play an integral role in reducing pollution and preserving the environment. Transportation and logistics represented $1.63 trillion of the country’s economic revenue in 2019. Midwest Carriers recognizes its individual responsibility to positively contribute to the industry’s economic impact by engaging in meaningful sustainability actions. 

Midwest Carriers was identified by SmartWay as a top freight carrier for its energy efficiency, identified by the company’s benchmarks for moving products and supplies. The EPA SmartWay Program aims to positively impact the American economy by improving fuel efficiency, strengthening supply chain performance and aiding the health of communities nationwide. Better fuel economy reduces emissions, ultimately lessening the country’s oil dependence and helping companies across the country operate with lower costs. 

The Environmental Impact of Freight Transport

The transportation sector contributes the largest portion of greenhouse gas emissions compared to other industries. Medium and heavy-duty trucks caused nearly 413 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions in 2020, according to an EPA report. Some companies are taking innovative measures by transitioning to electric trucks for local, regional and shuttle deliveries. 

The EPA SmartWay Program facilitates the reduction of environmental impact of freight transport significantly. The logistics and transportation industry constituted nearly 8% of the country’s annual GDP in 2019. By encouraging freight companies to embrace sustainability, SmartWay has led truck drivers to save enough oil to eliminate yearly electricity use in more than 23 million houses

By participating in SmartWay, Midwest Carriers and other like-focused freight companies have the opportunity to make a tremendous impact. The freight industry is expansive and intertwined, allowing even small changes in behavior to have systemic, sweeping effects. 

Not only does green freight help the environment, it also strengthens the national economy and supply chain. The initiatives encourage companies to invest less on foreign fuel, ultimately in an effort to lessen the trade deficit. SmartWay also paves the way for the U.S. to bolster its collaboration with Canada to meet North American energy needs. Midwest Carriers is proud to partner with SmartWay as a global role model. 

Our Commitment to Reducing Carbon Emissions Due to Transportation

Air pollution from carbon emissions has devastating effects on the environment—trapping heat, worsening climate change and causing respiratory issues. At Midwest Carriers, we care about doing our part to help address this global concern. 

To show our dedication, Midwest Carriers is a part of the SmartWay Transport Partnership. This collaboration allows us to use credible data, resources and benchmarks to measure and lessen our negative environmental impact. Measuring fuel economy allows us to continue setting actionable goals and reducing fuel-related carbon emissions due to transportation. 

Through its initiatives, the EPA SmartWay Program to date has facilitated freight companies saving an astounding $47.6 billion on fuel costs. The reduction in cost comes with impressive environmental benefits from fuel saved. SmartWay saved 357 million oil barrels since 2004 with its partners, significantly slashing greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. 

How Midwest Drivers Help the Environment by Increasing Fuel Efficiency

“Earning the SmartWay High Performance Award would not be possible without the dedication of hard-working truck drivers at Midwest Carriers,” shares President Eric Van Handel, “Without their shared commitment and belief in our mission, we would not be able to make such a big difference in communities across the country. Their day-to-day actions and constant attention to fuel economy is what secures the SmartWay recognition and our fuel savings annually.”

Our drivers plan their trips with fuel efficiency in mind, track the miles per gallon and participate in our fuel economy incentive program. We offer bonus opportunities for drivers who conserve fuel over 7.25 miles per gallon—providing tiered compensation based on average monthly miles per gallon. These goals are attainable with preparation and continued consideration.  

Some of the steps our drivers take include: 

  • Slowing down and using cruise control
  • Keeping tires at the correct pressure (100 psi). 
  • Taking advantage of natural momentum when safe to do so. 
  • Implementing tails and skirts to reduce drag. 
  • Tightening trailers to reduce fifth wheel adjustments.
  • Find a sweet spot for fifth wheel adjustment for best fuel mileage.  

Employees at Midwest Carriers keep their trucks at a capped, fuel-efficient speed to further maximize fuel economy, with optimal speed well under 65 miles per hour. Using cruise control also regulates speed. Our drivers turn off their trucks when idle where safe, saving nearly a gallon of fuel per hour. 

We take pride in our drivers’ care for communities. Each month, their efforts save nearly 35,000 gallons of fuel. That contributes to a yearly carbon dioxide savings of 9.3 million pounds

Make a Difference with Midwest Carriers

Saving the planet starts with truck drivers like you. Join a motivated team that cares about positively impacting the communities we serve. As a Midwest Carriers driver, you’ll help us earn future EPA SmartWay program recognitions.