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Press Release: Midwest Carriers Increases Pay for OTR Truck Drivers by 9%

(Kaukauna, WI) – Trucking company Midwest Carriers is excited to announce they have implemented a 9% pay increase for all their OTR truck drivers.

The increase places Midwest Carriers’ pay rate at 20% higher than the industry average. The increase includes raising the OTR average pay from $86,395 to $92,250 and the OTR average for the top 50% to $97,550. OTR Truck drivers employed at Midwest Carriers are also getting an increase in their cost per mile on the hub over 2,400 miles from $0.60 to $0.65.

“As a driver-focused trucking company, we know that taking care of our drivers is job number one,” said Eric Van Handel, President, Midwest Carriers. “This increase is our way of showing how much we value their hard work and dedication.”

In addition to the pay increases, Midwest Carriers has also decreased their health insurance premiums by 9% for 2022. Midwest Carriers has always cared for their drivers’ safety and security by providing top-tier benefits, more time at home with family and using technology to provide safe, efficient routes. These wage and health premium change continue to support that legacy.


About Midwest Carriers

Headquartered in Kaukauna, Wis., Midwest Carriers has built a legacy of quality and respect since 1986. They continue to honor that legacy by positively impacting others through their core values: SERVE, CREATE, TRUST, COMMIT.

Today, Midwest Carriers transports refrigerated, frozen and dry freight. Their services include dedicated truckload, brokerage, and third-party logistics, with yard spotting and shuttle services. They operate in 48 states and promise loyalty and positivity to our customers, who expect nothing but the best.

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