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Offering the Best Truck Driver Wage

Why Midwest Carriers boosted OTR truck driver pay by 9%

If you’ve heard the phrase “The Great Resignation” you already know one of the main reasons we have always offered the best truck driver wages in the business—people want to be paid what they’re worth.

In fact, we’ll go a step further—people deserve to be paid what they’re worth.

What’s more, people shouldn’t have to leave their current job to earn more money. That’s why, starting at the beginning of 2022, we implemented a 9% increase in pay for our OTR & Regional truck drivers.

Beyond the best truck driver wage

At Midwest Carriers OTR truck driver pay averages $92,250 for 2022, with the OTR average for our top 50% of drivers at $97,550. That’s 20% higher than the industry average. According to these folks, it beats the national averages by a long shot: Zip Recruiter, and

But that’s not the only change we made in 2022.

Also, truck drivers at Midwest Carriers got a boost to their mileage bonus to $0.65/mile on the hub for miles exceeding 2,400 per weekly pay period.

We like to say our pay options come with no surprises, but that’s not entirely true—it’s just that all our surprises are good ones.

More than just a high paying truck driving job

While making enough money to take care of yourself and your loved ones is a great reason to take any job, it isn’t the only reason. As a company founded and run by former truck drivers, we know that money doesn’t keep you safe on the road. Doesn’t make sure you get back to your family. Doesn’t ensure your health care and retirement fund are being looked after.

But we do. In addition to making one of the best truck driver wages in the business, we take care of our team with:

• 24/7 driver support.

• Up-to-date equipment and tech that offer our drivers the safest routes and more efficient travel times.

• More time spent at home.

• Benefits that include health, dental, disability, life, 401k match and more.

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