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Started As A Small Trucking Company, Keeping the Family-Feel Alive

With only one truck and a single OTR driver, Midwest Carriers began 35 years ago as a small trucking company with big goals and strong values. Today, after years of growing its fleet and its team, Midwest Carriers operates in 48 states offering temperature-controlled and dry van freight in addition to a variety of logistical solutions.

Midwest Carriers was founded on the idea that drivers are the beating hearts of trucking companies. Because we were started by a driver, Midwest Carriers fully understands the importance of a positive company culture, and that supporting and meeting the needs of our drivers leads to company success.

As we grow, Midwest Carriers continues to instill its family culture and serve its drivers through its core values: serve, create, trust, commit. That’s why working for a trucking company, like Midwest Carriers, one that smarted small, and continues to put the needs of its team first, benefits drivers.

Serving our drivers with miles & a positive culture

Because Midwest Carriers was started by and is run by former truck drivers, we have a comprehensive understanding of a truck driver’s day-to-day life. Armed with this knowledge, Midwest Carriers gives our drivers the tools they need to be successful, from top-of-line equipment to weekly home time for those drivers that reside in the State of Wisconsin.

Midwest Carriers also understands the importance of family. Midwest has measures in place to ensure drivers get home to their loved ones on a regular basis. Each driver has a team behind them, supporting their dispatch, ensuring their safety and guiding them home. “From having the perspective of being a child at home when my dad drove to the perspective of owning a trucking company,” Midwest Carriers President Eric Van Handel says he takes home time seriously.

“From having the perspective of being a child at home when my dad drove to the perspective of owning a trucking company”

Midwest Carriers President Eric Van Handel

Small company feel with big company benefits

Aside from Midwest’s knowledge and understanding of driver needs, we also pride ourselves in maintaining a small, family-like feel while still providing drivers with consistent pay and miles.

Van Handel knows that without a positive culture and tight-knit teams, the company wouldn’t continue to see the growth and success it has to this day. “Our motto here is slow and steady, take advantage of opportunities, but try not to overwhelm anyone –make sure people enjoy the job and enjoy coming to work, and when they go home make sure they can enjoy that as well,” he said.

Small trucking companies, to mid-size like Midwest, that are hiring are easy to find. In 2017 it was estimated that there were up to 500,000 trucking companies in the United States, 80% operating fleets with six or fewer trucks. And with companies facing a driver shortage, many of these companies are hiring. While small trucking companies make up most of the trucking industry, not all provide their drivers with the same number of miles, great benefits or above-average industry pay.

How does Midwest Carriers stand out from the crowd? Midwest has achieved great success, allowing us to grow from a small trucking company to mid-size. Because of this, we can support our drivers with plenty of miles, top pay programs, mileage bonuses and unwavering support.

Investing in those who drive Midwest forward

According to, there are many advantages of working for a small to mid-size trucking company.


At Midwest Carriers, Van Handel is always open and welcoming with company drivers and team members, from talking about life to sharing business ideas.


Midwest Carriers provides our team of drivers with some of the best equipment on the road. We take equipment upgrades and maintenance seriously. Maintenance is performed on a very strict schedule to ensure driver safety and efficiency while on the road.


At Midwest Carriers, it’s not a cliché–everyone knows each other’s name. No team member goes unrecognized. We value building relationships with every driver and office member. Midwest shows our drivers respect with above-average industry pay and competitive benefits.

Midwest Carriers is committed to growth but will never lose sight of what allows for that growth. Van Handel knows that to succeed, Midwest must never lose its small trucking company feel, “We’re really excited about what we’ve done to this point and we never stop trying to get better.”

Drive for a company that puts you first

At Midwest Carriers, our team continues to drive us forward. We’re constantly finding ways to be more efficient and create top-of-the-line systems, making our drivers happier and the miles come easier.

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