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Guaranteed Minimum Pay Makes Midwest Carriers One of the Best-Paying Trucking Companies

When the truck driving industry began, truck drivers were paid by the mile. And for many companies, that’s still the norm. At Midwest Carriers, we decided to be different, showing a strong commitment to our drivers with a Guaranteed Minimum Pay program. Through this program, drivers are guaranteed a rate of pay every week (before bonuses).  Our drivers no longer have to worry about a blown tire or unexpected layover due to bad weather, they feel comfortable knowing that their paycheck amount is one they can count on.   And that helps Midwest Carriers stand out as one of the best-paying trucking companies in the area. For us, the Guaranteed Minimum Pay program fosters a culture that puts drivers first.

Straightforward Guaranteed Minimum Pay

Thanks to Midwest’s Guaranteed Minimum Pay program, drivers get paid even when the unexpected happens. While some trucking companies penalize their drivers for things that happen beyond their control. This is often missed as it is hidden in the fine print of their pay program.

On the top of our Guaranteed Minimum Pay, OTR and Regional drivers can earn mileage bonuses. When they exceed their weekly 2,400/2200-mile goal , they get a 60-cent bonus for every extra mile driven, on the hub.

Our drivers get peace of mind by knowing exactly how much they’re getting paid per week, unlike a per mile pay system that can lead to surprises on pay day.

Higher pay than the industry average

When we compare our average pay to industry benchmarks, we find that Midwest Carriers pays 20% more than the U.S. national average, making ours among the highest paying CDL jobs.  

The culture behind Midwest’s Guaranteed Minimum Pay program

As a company started and led every day by truck drivers, Midwest Carriers makes sure it cares for drivers’ well-being. We know setbacks happen on the road. As we say, “Life happens.” Guaranteed Minimum Pay is central to this approach.

“There are no gimmicks in this Guaranteed Minimum Pay” President Eric Van Handel says. It’s straight forward, he adds, unlike many competitors’ programs. And for Midwest Carriers, Guaranteed Minimum Pay keeps driver turnover low.

Employees like Mike, a regional driver at Midwest Carriers, agree. “With Guaranteed Minimum Pay, you’re getting good pay for a good day’s work.”

Terri, a Midwest Carriers OTR Driver, says the company’s Guaranteed Minimum Pay is great because “you know how much you’ve got coming each week.” This helps drivers’ budget and pay their monthly bills on time, she adds.

“Guaranteed Minimum Pay fixes one of the things that upset drivers probably the most in the history of trucking,” Van Handel says. “They get their paycheck and say: ‘What is this? That’s not what I was supposed to get paid.’ We’ve removed that at Midwest Carriers.”

Get behind the wheel for a company that puts you first

Offering Guaranteed Minimum Pay has helped us become one of the best-paying trucking companies out there. But we offer so much more. If you’re interested in learning more about Midwest Carriers’ opportunities, we’d love to hear from you. Apply today.

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