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Hit the gas on your career with Midwest Carrier’s increased OTR rates

As an over-the-road truck driver, you are America’s lifeline. You carry food, water, blankets, clothes and other essential items, as well as products that make our lives fun and comfortable. You deserve more than just a decent paycheck: You deserve a great, consistent paycheck that’s far higher than what you’re making now. And a team that takes care of you with total support, more home time and other benefits. Midwest Carriers pays its OTR drivers more than other trucking companies. When other OTR pay rates are compared with ours, you can see just how much higher. 

Midwest OTR truck driver pay is higher than most other companies’

The national average annual truck driver pay is $63,888. But for Midwest’s drivers? Our average annual wage is $92,250. And our top 50% of drivers earn over $97,500 every year. Plus, for every mile you drive over 2,400 miles, you also earn an extra $0.65 on the hub.

Our OTR Average Pay is $92K – A Whopping 20% Above The Industry Average

Let the numbers speak: Others’ average OTR truck driver pay doesn’t come close

When you compare Midwest’s OTR pay rates with other trucking companies’ published averages, the numbers speak for themselves:

  • J.B. Hunt’s drivers earn up to $85,000
  • Nussbaum drivers earn an average of $80,000+
  • Schneider’s top drivers earn up to $78,000
  • Roehl drivers’ starting salary is $74,100
1. Midwest Carriers$92,250
2. J.B. Hunt$85,000
3. Nussbaum$80,000+
4. Schneider$78,000+
5. Roehl$74,100
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Roehl –

Money for extra expenses

Even with an average pay rate of $92,250, we understand you need more. So, we also pay for extra expenses and “little things” that add up, so you can keep more money in your pocket. Like:

  • Scale tickets. (We use the CAT scale app. Non-CAT scales are 100% reimbursed with receipt.)
  • Two truck washes per month. We pay 100% at Blue Beacon. And you can get a trailer washout at any time.
  • All toll fees

Benefits that make life so much easier (including a 9% premium decrease for health insurance)

What about retirement? What if you’re going through a rough patch and need to talk to someone? What about health insurance? At Midwest Carriers, we take care of all of that, too. Here are some common questions drivers ask us when they’re looking to switch to Midwest Carriers:

How much does Midwest support for health insurance?

We contribute 73% of the premium. And premiums decreased by 9%—$30 a week—in 2022! You’re eligible after 30 days of employment.

What about driver health?

You get access to board-certified doctors via in person appointments, video chat or phone for a wide range of minor conditions and prescriptions.

How much paid vacation do I get?

After one year of driving for Midwest, you get one week of paid vacation. After three years, you become eligible for two weeks of paid vacation.

Do you offer an employee assistance program?

Yes. All our employees and their dependents get access to a company-paid employee assistance program.

What’s your 401K program look like?

You get $0.25 on the dollar for the first 6% of your contribution.

What happens if I can’t work due to illness or an accident?

You get short or long-term disability, so you can help protect your income while you’re out.

Do you provide a life insurance policy?

Yes. You get a $10,000 company-paid life insurance policy. Plus, an option to buy up to $200,000 in coverage.

What’s your dispatch service like?

You get assigned a single driver manager for one-on-one personal service. Dispatch is available 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.

What’s your equipment like?

Our average trailer age is four years old and our average tractor age is two-and-half years. With new equipment and technology, we help give you the safest routes and more efficient travel times.

What about bonuses?

Great drivers get bonuses! Criteria includes things like no motor vehicle violations and no late fees due to driver error.

How often can I expect to be home?

Over 90% of our drivers are home weekly. Others are out 11 days, home three. And if you’re actually hoping to stay out longer—we can work to make that happen too.

You can get the best average OTR truck driver pay

With Midwest’s average OTR pay rate clocking in at $92,250, along with game-changing benefits and bonuses, you can hit the gas on your trucking career. Contact us today to see about driving for Midwest Carriers.

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