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Truck Driver Health Top Priority for Midwest Carriers New Headquarters

Midwest Carriers prides itself on fostering a driver-focused culture, starting with taking care of our drivers. This was fundamental in planning for our new headquarters, scheduled to open in early 2024. Years of conversations with drivers and staff contributed to building plans. That means our new facility was designed with truck driver health in mind. We also combined all four Midwest Carriers locations into a single facility, giving drivers the opportunity to engage with our full team. 

“We’re thrilled that our new headquarters will bring us all together in one location and that we’ll be able to offer more amenities for our drivers and admin staff who are part of our growing family,” says President Eric Van Handel. 

A Sense of “Pride and Comfort” for Our Truck Drivers

Isn’t it nice to come back from a long trip out on the road to a hot shower and a nice snack? According to the National Transport Institute (NTI), truck drivers regularly report conditions at truck stops as “less than ideal and even untenable.”  

The NTI encourages trucking companies like Midwest to take a look at facilities to ensure drivers feel a sense of “pride and comfort.” And that’s exactly what we did when planning our new headquarters. 

A Home Away from Home for Midwest carrier Truck Drivers

Midwest’s new headquarters has a myriad of driver-focused features and amenities that include 24/7 access to: 

  • Driver’s lounge, featuring a shower room, laundry, kitchenette, big screen TVs and quiet nap rooms 
  • Covered truck wash bay that’s heated, allowing our drivers to get out of the elements to wash their truck and perform other preventative maintenance
  • Concrete parking with full lighting and cameras for safety 

Truck drivers will also have full access to Midwest’s offices, allowing them to chat with all members of the Midwest team. 

Our mission with our new facilities is to provide our drivers a welcoming, convenient and safe facility to reenergize before the next trip. We like to think of it as a home away from home for all of our employees.

A Midwest driver rinses out the hood of his truck at a Midwest truck wash bay.

New Driver-Focused Amenities Add to Midwest’s Strong Benefits Package

Not only do we pay our drivers more than other Wisconsin-based freight carriers, we also expanded our truck driver benefits package earlier this year to include: 

  • Employee-only health insurance for $51/week with no deductible 
  • Full benefits that kick in the first of the month following 30 days after your start date 
  • Full transition pay for new drivers 
  • And more

And we use the latest trucking equipment designed for driver comfort and safety

Join a Freight Company Dedicated to Drivers!

Midwest’s drivers are our heroes, and they deserve to feel appreciated both on and off the road. If you’re looking for a driver-focused culture, we’d love for you to join our team—and enjoy our new headquarters starting in early 2024! 

Start your application today.