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Drive for Midwest: A Step-by-Step Guide to Our Truck Driver Hiring Process

At Midwest Carriers, we pride ourselves on being driver focused first. We ensure our drivers receive competitive wages and benefits. That support starts before you ever get behind the wheel, thanks to Midwest’s streamlined truck driver hiring process.

New Truck Drivers on the Road within Two Weeks of Applying at Midwest!

Our truck driver employment team is dedicated to moving qualified truck drivers through the application process by getting them on the road and earning a paycheck as quickly and efficiently as possible. Learn how you can go from applying to sitting behind the wheel within two weeks in our step-by-step guide to the truck driver hiring process.  

1. Qualify

All drivers for Midwest Carriers need two things—a valid CDL-A license and a year or more of safe commercial driving experience. If you meet both qualifications with a clean driving record, you’re ready to apply.  

2. Apply

It takes less than five minutes to submit your application to Midwest. All applications ask four simple questions: first name, last name, phone number and email address. Enter your information, hit submit, and your driver application is complete.  

3. Talk with Midwest

Once we receive your application, a member of our driver employment team will call you within 24 hours. We are committed to making driver recruitment friendly, honest and transparent, and our goal is to give you confidence in making the switch. After our call, we’ll run the traditional background checks to verify that all hiring qualifications are met.  

4. Attend Truck Driver Orientation

Midwest hosts in-person driver orientation every two weeks. You’ll meet the Midwest team, learn about our culture and run through all of the traditional new-employee information like benefits and safety-related expectations. The most exciting part? You’ll meet your truck on Wednesday. 

One Midwest Carriers driver sits in behind the wheel of a   semi, while another stands beside them, pointing to features within the cab of the truck.

5. Meet Your Truck

Getting to know and understand your new truck is exciting and integral to getting a great start as a Midwest truck driver. We’ll walk you through all of your truck’s technical and interior features and make sure you feel safe and comfortable in your new rig.

6. Get on the Road 

After you meet your truck, you’re ready to drive for Midwest! We’ll set you up with your first load assignment so you can get on the road as soon as possible. 

Guaranteed Minimum Pay and A Full First Week’s Paycheck for New Truck Drivers 

Midwest drivers earn between $1,475-1,550 weekly with guaranteed minimum pay depending on your experience. We also provide full transition pay starting on your first day of driver orientation. That means you can apply, complete orientation, and hit the road without missing a paycheck. 

A Midwest truck driver wearing a baseball cap smiles at the camera  from behind the wheel of his truck.
We support our new drivers, starting with our first phone call to the day they take their first job and beyond.

Get the Support You Need with Midwest’s Truck Driver Hiring Process

At Midwest Carriers, we’re here for our drivers from the day you submit your driver application. Plus, our expedited hiring process means you’ll go from applicant to official Midwest driver without interruption to your compensation. 

If you have a CDL-A license and more than one year of experience, start your application today! 

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