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Inside Look: Midwest Carriers’ Semi Truck Cab

Small details make a big difference

Ever wondered what a truck drivers’ home on wheels is like? At Midwest Carriers, we pride ourselves on providing our drivers a comfortable home away from home. From restful mattresses to spacious refrigerators, our semi-truck sleeper cabs are designed to perfectly accommodate drivers while they’re transporting goods and keeping our country running. Check out these specifications from one of our fleet’s Volvos:

Designed for a restful night

Enough sleep is critical for truckers and their safety. To make sure they are alert on the road, a good night’s rest for truck drivers is a must. Midwest Carriers’ cabs are equipped with mattresses longer than an average queen-size and designed for total comfort.

More than enough storage

When you’re out on the road for days a time, having enough space to store all your must-have items is important. Midwest Carriers’ cabs are equipped with multiple bunk and cabinet storage options. To make sure drivers are fueled while out on the road, our cabs also include a 29” x 14.5” x 12” fridge/freezer combination, with plenty of space to hold snacks, meals and beverages.

Thoughtful finishes

In addition, the cabs’ spacious features, Midwest Carriers drivers also enjoy other small details such as a large skylight (and shades to accommodate), multiple USB ports and a dedicated spot for a CB radio, to name a few. Plus, our trucks come with already installed inverters.

Take a 15-second tour of a Midwest Carriers’ cab

Take a peek at a Midwest Carriers’ semi truck cab for yourself! Watch our virtual cab tour of one of our fleet’s Volvos and get an insider’s look at what our truck drivers call their second home.

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