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Top-of-the-line Maintenance: Becoming a Trucking Company with the Best Equipment

In the trucking industry as a whole, a semi-truck’s average lifetime is 10 years. Within that lifetime, each truck drives an average of 125,000 miles per year. For every mile driven, trucks gain wear and tear that could lead to costly downtime. The solution? A solid preventive maintenance plan, followed by knowing when it’s time to replace equipment with a new truck or trailer.

Trucking companies with the best equipment are knowledgeable and prepared when it comes to semi-truck maintenance as well as replacements. Having a solid plan keeps maintenance costs down and drivers on the road.

Staying on track with maintenance schedules

How often is your truck maintained? Losing sight of regular maintenance can result in breakdowns, unnecessary expenses and less miles on the road. Equipment that is maintained for peak performance contributes to driver safety and comfort.

Aside from seasonal and annual maintenance, such as checking electrical systems, tire pressures, fluids and windshields, truck drivers should also be trained and well equipped to perform their own inspections. Drivers should inspect tires, breaks, fluids and electrical systems before they head out on the road.

Maintenance schedules depend on the type of truck, mileage and age, as well as the current season. When it comes time for truck maintenance at Midwest Carriers, drivers only have to worry about scheduling service with their dedicated truck dealership and their driver managers. From oil changes to break inspections to fuel vents, equipment dealers take care of the rest and make sure the equipment is optimized and ready to get back on the road.

Aside from maintaining equipment to prevent breakdowns, our trucks are equipped with the latest fuel-efficient technology, making Midwest Carriers one of the top 6% efficient fleets in the country, ranked and awarded by EPA SmartWay® partnership. Top fuel efficiency allows drivers to get the most of their time out on the road because of Midwest Carriers’ lucrative performance bonus program.

Newer equipment leads to safer drivers and on-time freight

As trucks age, their maintenance costs tend to increase. Deciding on when to replace a truck, unfortunately, is not always black and white. Many variables go into this decision, from maintenance cost per mile to current market residual prices for the used truck.

Over the past few years, maintenance costs have increased drastically because parts needed for older trucks are becoming harder to find. For that reason, there’s been a shift in the industry – trucking companies with the best equipment are moving away from older vehicles to new models. These upgrades reset maintenance cost per mile, making the investment less expensive over time compared to keeping older trucks on the road.

Midwest Carriers Truck Driver

While 10 years is the industry average life of a semi-truck, you may find that some trucking companies with the best equipment will replace trucks sooner. Midwest Carriers has benefited from upgrading to newer trucks more frequently. Aside from fewer breakdowns, cost-effective maintenance and reliable, on-time freight, newer trucks come with innovative technology that keep drivers safe. At Midwest Carriers, we purchase trucks with the latest safety technology available. This means the average age of our trailers is four years, and the average age of our tractors is 2.5 years.

But trucking companies aren’t the only ones concerned with ensuring equipment is up to date. As the average mile of the fleet steadily increases, over-the-road drivers are looking for companies with new, reliable equipment to help them achieve their mileage goal and get their loads to destinations on time.

Taking safety, technology and comfort into account

Buying new equipment means more than easier maintenance – it’s also about safety, comfort and technology. Newer, reliable trucking equipment and innovative technology lead to safe, cost-effective routes that benefit both company drivers and customers.

As a top trucking company, we do more than transport goods. We deliver quality to those who rely on us. At Midwest Carriers, purchasing from the most trusted lines in the industry allow us to meet our meticulous quality standards that customers rely on to ensure products arrive in optimal condition.

Providing our drivers with the best equipment is just one of the many ways we take care of our team. From the safest routes to the most efficient travel times to driver bonus programs for fuel efficiency and safety, it’s clear to see that Midwest is committed to helping drivers achieve as many miles as possible, while staying safe and comfortable.

Are you ready to drive for a company that puts you first? We’re hiring! When you work at Midwest, you become part of a growing, passionate family that has been in the industry for 35 years. Apply today and find out why Midwest Carriers is the right trucking company (with the best equipment!) for you.

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