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Why I Love Driving for Midwest Carriers

Have you ever considered truck driving as a career, or wondered what it would be like to work for another carrier? Kaukauna, Wisconsin-based Midwest Carriers is hiring for CDL jobs right now. At Midwest, we are driven by the people we serve—especially our drivers!

Robin, an experienced driver with Midwest Carriers, spends a few minutes sharing why she loves working here. Robin discusses how the culture, family atmosphere, modern, well-maintained equipment, and support she receives makes her career enjoyable and rewarding. Watch the video below to learn more.

Whether you’re looking for an OTR truck driving career that allows you to travel across the country or a local shuttle driver job that makes sure you’re home daily, visit the Midwest Carriers Careers page to take the next step.  


Well hello everybody! I thought today I would give a little love to Midwest Carriers. I realized how quickly time flies; I have been here for almost seven years! From day one, the one thing that really stood out to me from working here is how great the people are. From the first day I walked into the office, and still to today, it’s really easy to go in and talk to everybody. Everybody is very friendly from HR, payroll, accounting, everybody in the office, the driver managers all the way up to the president and CEO of the company, Dave and Eric. You can walk right in and have a casual conversation with them like you’ve known them for years. It’s really comfortable, and that’s really nice.

Over the years that I’ve been working here, in my personal life I’ve had a couple of rough spots and they’ve always been there for me to support me by having a conversation to work with me and make sure I keep these wheels rolling. I like to work hard, and it is a hard job so sometimes you just have to really work that work-life balance out and they’ve always been there for me in those situations. Just talking to everybody in there is, like I said, very comfortable. The people there are the best.

Another thing I really love working with Midwest Carriers is the equipment we are provided. It’s always been newer and great equipment. Going through weigh stations, and we go through a lot of them, I always feel very confident that if I were to be pulled in for an inspection that it was going to go well. In fact, I have been pulled in for two level-one inspections and they both came out clean. They’re actually kind of fun and interesting experiences for me because I did go in there with confidence that my equipment was all good to go. A lot of that comes down to the drivers doing our pre-trip and post-trip inspections and reporting when there are issues, but it’s also our maintenance department. They keep everything up really well and if we do have an issue, they have us in and out of there in no time and we are on the road wheels rolling. Those are really awesome things for that confidence just a little bit less stress to this job.

Last but not least I love the routes we go on. It’s a lot of familiar routes but it’s also a lot of new routes, and I like the variety and the balance of that. When we have familiar routes, I’m familiar with the backing situation and sometimes you can establish relationships with some of the people that work there. Those are really cool things. The newer routes are fun too because it keeps my skills up and new experiences are always fun seeing new places. Those are just a few of the really good things I love about working here so I just wanted to give a little love out to Midwest Carriers today.

If you guys are interested in working here, be sure to check out or give us a call and have a conversation and see if this is a right fit for you. We are always looking for quality drivers, so give us a call and check out that website and I’ll see y’all down the road—maybe  even in a Midwest Carriers truck!

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