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Sleep, Eat, Drive: Truck Living Space Tour

Life as an OTR truck driver means spending a majority of your time on the road. It’s important to make your truck living space feel as comfortable as possible so you can properly rest, reset and be ready to take on the next day’s miles.

At Midwest Carriers, one of our top priorities is making sure our drivers feel a sense of home in their truck living space, even when they’re hundreds of miles away from actual home. We prepare all Midwest trucks so every one of our drivers feels comfortable and taken care of.

From basic necessities like eating and sleeping, to comfortably unwinding after logging a day’s worth of miles, a semi truck’s living space is arguably just as important as the maintenance and technology of the truck. Watch below to learn how Midwest Carriers driver, Robin, makes her living space her very own special home-on-the-road.


Well, hello everybody!

Comin’ at you from somewhere south of Cleveland, Ohio, I think.

I’m shut down for the night, I’m just sittin’ in the truck and thought I would talk today about making the truck feel like home. Because, for me, I’m home once a week for my 34 hour reset which means that’s two nights at home, and the rest of the nights and the rest of the days, I’m in this truck.

So, it’s important to find things to make it feel like home. Because I spend a lot of time in this truck.

A couple of things that really help with that. One has always been one of my favorite features in this truck (I’ve been in this truck now for about a year), is its refrigerator. It comes with a refrigerator and it’s a nice big refrigerator. And I can fit enough food in there for the whole week. I can even fit enough food in there for a two week stretch, every once in a while, I go on a two week stretch, I have enough room to do that.

I don’t eat at restaurants hardly ever, so that’s a really cool feature, I really like that one, having that nice, big refrigerator.

Another really nice thing – Midwest Carriers actually installs inverters into these trucks before we even move into them. So, I honestly don’t know a lot about inverters because they took care of it all. They got it, they installed it, it was all ready for me when I moved in. All I had to do was plug in my TV, plug in my microwave, plug in my coffee pot and everything just worked.

So that is a really nice thing too. I can have all those little comforts, my microwave and my TV.

Another thing that I really like, my little silly thing to make this truck feel like home to me, is I have a ton of pillows on my bed. I’ve got this chair pillow, I’ve got a body pillow, I’ve got two regular pillows and I’ve got a wedge pillow to put my feet up at night. I’ve got two homemade quilts, and it’s all like comfy cozy up in my bed at night.

So that’s one of my little, kind of different, ways to make it feel comfortable for me.

I like the refrigerator, I like having the inverter so I can plug all my things in and have everything just work.

At night, like tonight, I have a little bit of down time. I can sit here, and I can watch a show and just relax, and enjoy my time by myself out on the road.

If you guys have anything interesting that you do to make your trucks feel like home, I’d be really curious to hear about it. I know a lot of you probably have really cool pets, that’d be fun to hear. Let me know!

Otherwise, I’m going to get going and finish watching my show. I’ll see you all down the road!

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