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President’s Club Members: Safe Driving in and Out of the Truck

Vlogger Robin and 56 other Midwest Carriers drivers have been inducted into the President’s Save Driver Club.

Membership in the President’s Safe Driver Club is one of the greatest honors a professional CDL truck driver in Wisconsin can obtain. It signifies commitment to the profession by carrying out safe driving practices in and out of the truck — so on and off duty — and the requirements and review process are extensive. Achieving this award is NOT easy!

This year Midwest Carriers is proud to announce the recognition of 57 drivers in the President’s Club, including our resident vlogger, Robin. She’s been with the company for more than four years, and this is the first year she’s been eligible for the prestigious President’s Club. In her most recent vlog, Robin talks about the process and how we recognize our safe drivers.

To be eligible for the President’s Safe Driver Club award, a driver must be a full-time employee or permanent leased operator who lives and drives in Wisconsin, or a full-time employee or permanent leased operator reporting to or being dispatched from a terminal in Wisconsin. They must drive a minimum of 10,000 annual miles on Wisconsin’s public streets or highways.

In addition, the driver must have 36 continuous months of service with the same employer. And the most important part —  the driver must have no accidents on or off duty and a clean motor vehicle record with no traffic citations, also on or off duty.

If they meet those requirements, drivers can be nominated by an official at their Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association-member company. Once they’ve earned initial membership, a driver accrues additional credits for each consecutive year by maintaining safe driving compliance. There are drivers at Midwest Carriers with up upwards of five and 10 years of safe driving experience, and one, Henry Lukaszka, who has accrued 21 years!

As Robin says, it’s a pretty high honor to be a part of the club!

To recognize our drivers, we held a banquet and luncheon in April where each of our 57 Class A CDL drivers were given their awards and logoed swag. They were also able to socialize with one another face to face, something drivers aren’t able to do often. As Robin often points out, driving for Midwest Carriers is like driving for family, and it’s one she’s proud to be a part of.

“I walked into that banquet hall and Dave, the owner of the company, gave me a hug,” she said. “Eric, the president, got up in front of everybody and was almost choking up talking about how blessed he felt to have us as drivers.”

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