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Robin’s Path to an Adventurous Career at Midwest Carriers

Robin, our driver vlogger, talks about her need for adventure and how it’s fulfilled through her Midwest Carriers truck driving career.

Adventure runs through the veins of our driver and vlogger, Robin. That need for excitement and constant movement is fulfilled by her career as a Midwest Carriers driver.

Robin is a hiker, a runner, a seeker of movement. It’s that sense of wanderlust — and a nearly fatal illness — that led her to a truck driving career with Midwest Carriers.

When Robin was 18, she was diagnosed with a bone marrow disorder called aplastic anemia. This rare condition meant Robin’s body wasn’t producing enough new blood cells, and it nearly killed her. Thankfully the treatments her doctors prescribed worked, and seven long years after her diagnosis Robin was told she was in remission.

At the time she was working as a graphic designer in a job she loved. But finding out she was in remission lit a fire inside her, and she wanted to do something big.

So in 2006 she decided to hike across the country on the American Discovery Trail, which runs more than 6,800 miles from Delaware to the shores of the Pacific Ocean in California. After the hike, she returned to her job as a graphic designer, but the itch for adventure got the best of her.

After another cross-country hike — this one from the U.S.-Mexico border to the U.S.-Canada border through California, Oregon, and Washington — Robin just knew that truck driving was meant for her.

While in CDL school, she met a woman who was getting her CDL so she could team drive with her husband at Midwest Carriers. So Robin decided to reach out to us, and she was drawn to the loyalty, service, and creativity we are known for. She graduated from CDL school on a Friday and started with Midwest Carriers the next Monday!

That was almost five years ago, and Robin’s need to roam is still fulfilled by her career at Midwest Carriers. Every day, she says, is a new adventure and exciting challenge, and she loves putting her knowledge to use to deliver solutions for our customers.

Are you like Robin? Do you have a roving heart and a thirst for adventure? Connect with us on Facebook or YouTube to learn more about how a career at Midwest Carriers can be a great way for you to see our country while earning big!

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