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Paid Vacation and a Rider Policy … Midwest Carriers’ Driver Perks!

How does our rider policy and paid vacation look for our drivers? Watch Midwest Carriers driver and vlogger to find out!

Every truck driver is looking for ways to spend more quality time with the ones they love, so it’s no surprise Midwest Carriers is where a lot of them land. Benefits like paid vacation and a rider policy are just a few of the ways we show our employees how valued they are, and our driver/vlogger Robin had a few things to say about it recently.

Robin’s love for her career is contagious, but she acknowledges it has cons — just like every job. She says the hardest part is spending time away from friends and family, and learning how to navigate that is a constant adjustment.

As a family-owned company that treats its drivers like our own, we feel Robin. We understand her feelings, and we do what we can to help our drivers feel connected to their loved ones.

One way is by offering paid vacation. We’re not satisfied with the industry standard that typically dictates a driver who wants or needs time off take it unpaid. That’s not acceptable in any other industry, so why should trucking be different?

Robin touches on her active lifestyle often, so it’s no surprise that she uses her vacation time for outdoor activities like running, backpacking, and camping. Those activities overlap with time spent with friends and family, but for the times they don’t, she’s thankful for another family-friendly Midwest Carriers perk …  

… our rider policy. It recently allowed Robin to bring her husband along on a route, which meant that her days and evenings were a little more exciting than normal.

Robin’s husband, also known as Adam, was her daily lunch and dinner date, he was there at the end of a shift to play cribbage with, and his presence provided conversation and entertainment on what would have otherwise been a solo trip. He even spends time reading to her!

It’s such a simple word, but having a companion made Robin’s days more … fun!

She’s thankful to work for a company who values her needs as a female driver, and we’re proud to be one!

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