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Who you drive with matters.
Drive Midwest.

At Midwest Carriers, we are driven by the people we serve. We’re proud of the work we do and our Midwest team of experienced drivers. We are committed to excellence and safety and our drivers know we have their backs while they’re out there on the road. Our customers can rest assured their perishable goods arrive on time, unharmed with the quality they know Midwest Carriers delivers.

Midwest Carriers truck drivers down autumn road with sun setting behind it

We care about our truck drivers.

24/7 driver support

Ensuring driver safety is our top priority while we navigate the logistics for the freight transport. We are a team-oriented company, each Midwest employee is committed to our values and accomplishing the mission on time and with excellence.

At Midwest, we understand drivers.

We get it. Many people on our leadership team come from the trucking industry and have driven before, including our CEO and all the members of our driver recruitment team. Our leadership understands the challenges drivers face with decades of years on the road. That’s why we created an environment that empowers and rewards drivers for working hard. 

Explore new growth opportunities.

Stay motivated in a healthy work environment with a growing team at Midwest Carriers! We are a diverse group of truckers with plenty of stories from the road and sage words of advice for new team members. We are innovative in our solutions and we invite you to grow your career at Midwest!



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Ready to Haul

Grow your professional experience on the road.

As a driver at Midwest, you’ll get the opportunity to drive across the nation as an OTR driver, gaining experience transporting climate-controlled freight on a time-bound schedule. Responsibility is rewarded and Midwest drivers see their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction pay off.



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A True Midwestern Company

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we’re serious about our customers and our commitment to our authentic, Midwestern values. We’re honest, hardworking people who are driven by the people we serve, just like our mission says.

We’re in it for the long haul.

Our values are our company’s greatest asset. Each of our team members understands our company’s commitment to our values and you’ll see the difference with a team that’s got your back. You matter to Midwest.

Proud to Serve

Want to learn more about what being a Midwest driver is all about? Get in touch with our Driver Employment Team and we’ll get you on the road in the driver’s seat of one of our dark grey trucks! You’ll be proud to be on Team Midwest Carriers.


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