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Increased Efficiencies in International Supply Chain Operations Management

Midwest Carriers is announced Chief Operations Control Execution Manager for the GKM WI TEU Intermodal Circuitous Platform©

Increased Efficiencies in International Supply Chain Operations Management
Logistics Support Chicago to Wisconsin Transport

A Need for Better Supply Chain Management

Wisconsin’s manufacturers and distributors are facing an unprecedented need to efficiently manage their international supply chain operations and costs.

The ability to send and receive materials from the Chicago region via interstate highways has long been a concern to Wisconsin’s manufacturers and distributors.

Faced with ELD regulations, driver shortages and excessive wait times, companies are in need of a solution to their import/export concerns.

Midwest Carriers is now part of the solution

GKM Wisconsin awarded Midwest Carriers the Chief Operations Control Execution Manager for the GKM WI TEU Intermodal Circuitous Platform©.

What is the GKM Wisconsin TEU Intermodal Circuitous Platform? Researched for two years, written in 2012 and piloted in 2014, the WI Platform is the most sustainable solution for issues related to movement of TEUs for Wisconsin shippers.

“The platform provides value by allowing me to manage from the tower. This saves our dock a lot of time. My containers are pulled from the rail ramp timely, avoiding any demurrage fees,”


Large Processing Complex + Efficient Transport

Through Midwest Carriers’ work with GKM Wisconsin, a 350,000-square-foot processing complex in Joliet, Illinois recovers TEUs, then processes and prepares them for transit to GKM Wisconsin Platform clients based on their load specifications and priority. Midwest Carriers will then load out-flows onto 53-foot trailers for delivery.

“Our partnership with Midwest Carriers offers an enormous benefit to the Wisconsin Platform’s users,” said Brian Harris, SVP of TEU Integration for GKM WI. “We have worked with Midwest Carriers for more than three years and named them our COC based on their asset base, impeccable percentage of control and efficiency rating.”


Square Feet

Size of Processing Facility in Joliet, IL.

Learn more about GKM Wisconsin in a Virtual Event Session

By using a data-driven approach and applying Six Sigma process management to supply chain practices, GKM independently researched, authored and designed a value proposition that uses solutions to improve the flow of containers to and from Chicago’s Inland Ports.

GKM WI is hosting upcoming virtual information sessions to discuss the Wisconsin Platform’s origin, continued success and use of innovative lean processes for sustainable supply chain solutions. To learn more, visit the virtual information sessions page.

To read more about the WI TEU Platform click on this link from the Wisconsin Transportation Guide.