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Midwest Carriers Recognized with National Award for Best-in-class Affordable Health Insurance for Truck Drivers

Taking care of our employees is a top priority for Midwest Carriers. In recent years, our company revolutionized our health care coverage, straying from industry standards to provide transformative options for our team members. Recently, Midwest Carriers was awarded for its new health care coverage with the 2023 Health Plan Hero award. 

The award recognizes Midwest Carriers’ exceptional employee and truck driver health insurance coverage after officially changing our offerings in 2022. We were among 10 leading organizations nationwide to receive the award at a Washington, D.C. ceremony. As part of the honor, we participated in an expert-led roundtable discussion that included HR representatives, patient advocates, employees, CEOs and health care benefits design professionals. 

Leading Features of Our Employee and Truck Driver Health Insurance Coverage

We were determined to find a new way to provide affordable health insurance for truck drivers and other employees, including office staff, administration, mechanics and other team members. To avoid high premiums and out-of-pocket costs common in today’s traditional plans, Midwest Carriers partnered with innovative plan advisors Avergent for solutions. 

By making the change, Midwest Carriers: 

  • Reduced driver and employee premiums by more than 25% and fully removed deductibles in 2023. 
  • Began offering a nurse navigation program to help truck drivers and employees find fair-priced 5-star care and reduced costs for high priced medications. 
  • Started providing $0 specialty care and medications for employees. 
  • Saved the company annually by switching to a new provider. 

Initially, the transition saved our company 17.6% on annual costs by the end of the first plan year. We anticipate continued savings that combat rising health care costs for companies and employees with traditional plans.

The Impact of Prioritizing Truck Driver Health and Wellness

We know that being healthy improves quality of life. In fact, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, healthy employees report being more productive. Several studies show that healthy people may be happier overall. The new health plan at Midwest Carriers is meant to help truck drivers and employees achieve their health goals. 

The nurse navigation program is one way we try to advance employee and truck driver health and wellness. Truck drivers are often busy and lack the flexibility to make appointments, get referrals and jump through hoops to secure care. By partnering our truck drivers with case managers, they can receive assistance scheduling appointments and finding follow-up care.

Midwest Carriers truck

Our Commitment to Providing Preventative Care for All Employees

Being proactive is crucial to lessen the severity of many health conditions and illnesses. Avoiding appointments due to cost, time or other constraints can be detrimental to employee and truck driver health and wellness. At Midwest Carriers, our new affordable health insurance for truck drivers and other employees takes away several barriers for an easier health care experience. 

Our health care plan is: 

  • Affordable: Free and reduced-cost services make getting care accessible. 
  • Time-saving: Case managers help with scheduling prescriptions, and making sure the course of care is being followed.
  • Easy to use: Enjoy proactive care options for new or preexisting conditions. 

In one recent instance, our cost-effective coverage helped one driver and his spouse undergo multiple knee surgeries at no out-of-pocket cost. 

“We want to make sure our employees have the means to take care of themselves,” said Renae Langel, Vice President of HR & Risk Management at Midwest Carriers. “By making our health care plan more affordable and accessible, we hope it positively impacts the lives of our employees and their families.” 

The transition to a new health plan will support Midwest Carriers into the future—lessening work-related injuries and illnesses, workers compensation claims and labor shortages, among other challenges.

Offering the Best Employee and Truck Driver Benefits

Attracting talented employees and truck drivers is important to Midwest Carriers—and so is retaining them. This drastic change in the competitiveness of our employee and truck driver health insurance coverage supports our desire to be a leading workplace in our industry. 

To value our employees, we listen carefully to their feedback. This change to our employee and truck driver benefits comes after hearing from several team members who could not afford our previous premiums. We are now proud to offer affordable health insurance for truck drivers and employees that allows our team members to thrive personally and professionally.

Discover Affordable Health Insurance for Truck Drivers and Employees at Midwest Carriers

Benefit from cost-effective, worry-free premiums that help you and your family get the best care. Apply to Midwest Carriers for affordable health insurance for truck drivers and employees.