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Stay Safe on the Road in Spring Bad Weather Conditions

Staying safe while you’re driving in bad weather conditions means staying aware, being prepared to pull over or turn around, and knowing when you’re out of your depth, literally! Use caution if you are driving on flooded roadways and thunderstorms should always be taken seriously when you’re driving. Watch our quick video for some safety tips for driving this spring in unstable weather!


Spring has officially arrived, and with it comes unstable weather. Flooding caused by snow melt, ice jams and heavy rain.

Never drive into flooded roadways or around barricades.

It only takes 12 inches of rushing water to carry away a small vehicle. That is not that much.

Did you know more than half of flood fatalities are vehicle related? That means people are drowning in their cars because they think that the water isn’t deep enough to carry them away, but it does.

Thunderstorms can produce damaging winds and large hail. Stay tuned to forecasts. Monitor sky conditions. Plan where to take shelter in a sturdy building. Under an overpass is never a safe place to go.

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