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Cyclist Safety Tips for Sharing the Road with Cars

Share the road safely with these tips for cyclists. Be aware of the huge blind spots trucks and buses have and how much space they need to stop. Be aware and allow for a lot of space between you and other drivers! Watch our quick video for more on how to share the road on a bike.


Hey. Cyclists.

Drive to be seen.

Increase your visibility. Reflective gear is very important. Always wear it and stay out of the no zones.

Large trucks and buses have huge blind spots. Try to avoid lingering in blind spots. If you can’t see the truck or bus driver in your mirror, they can’t see you.

Be aware of the long stopping distances. As we said before, large trucks and buses need up to two football fields to stop. Give them the stopping distance that they need.

When a truck or bus is passing you, or merging into traffic from an on-ramp, give them extra space. This way, they can change lanes safely.

It’s up to you to stop accidents.

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