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When you hear “We’re one of the best paying trucking companies”—look for these 3 things

Take care of your people and your people will take care of you. The best paying trucking companies know that all the “thank yous” and handshakes from management don’t mean much if they aren’t backed by solid pay. When you’re trying to find the best paying trucking company to work for, make sure you get these three things:

1. Guaranteed Minimum Pay

When you’re paid by the mile, your paycheck is unpredictable. You may get stuck in traffic for hours and end up with hundreds less dollars than you expected. A Guaranteed Minimum Pay means you get a consistent paycheck every week. Even if delays mean you drive fewer miles, your pay is the same. Every week. 

Also, make sure detention, layover, per diem and breakdowns are all included in your Guaranteed Minimum Pay. With Midwest Carriers, the average our OTR drivers make is around $92,250 a year (based on experience) with weekly direct deposits in your account.

2. Hard-to-beat bonuses and benefits

How much more money do you get if you drive over your mileage goal? What about insurance? Or paid vacation? The best, highest paying trucking companies also provide fantastic bonuses and benefits to drivers who work hard.

Generally, our drivers’ mileage goal is 2,400 miles per week. If you surpass your mileage goal, you get an extra $0.65 for every mile over your goal. You also get monthly performance bonuses on top of that. 

For benefits, you get:

  • Medical, dental and vision insurance
  • Long term disability insurance
  • Company-matching 401k
  • Employer paid life insurance and short-term disability
  • Paid vacation

3. Financial stability, every week

It’s stressful when you get stuck in traffic for hours, making your milage goal harder to reach. That is, it’s stressful if you’re being paid by the mile. With a Guaranteed Minimum Pay, you can breathe a sigh of relief. You can easily budget ahead, knowing exactly how much money you’ll have every week. No surprises. 

Look for a trucking company that can give you that kind of security and financial peace of mind.

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