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Truck Driver Importance: Adding Value to Our Everyday Lives

After a challenging year, Midwest Carriers and the trucking industry as a whole proved the importance of truck drivers. A combination of uncertainty, the desire to stay healthy, and, for much of the nation, a new norm of working and schooling from home meant stocked shelves and available supplies were especially important.

By continuing to do their jobs, even when the future was unknown, truckers made a huge contribution to fulfilling the nation’s needs. Putting themselves at risk to keep the essentials stocked, drivers attained a type of heroic status to keep our country running.

Despite the roadblocks 2020 put in our way, Midwest Carriers is proud to say we stayed true to our values. By working alongside each other, we came out on the other side stronger.

Using core values to stay strong through challenges

There’s not a family or business in America that doesn’t rely on the freight industry. How does milk and bread get to grocery shelves? What carries shoes, clothes and blankets from factories to our local stores? Truckers do. And 2020 highlighted how vitally important truck drivers are to our everyday life.  

Through much of 2020, truck drivers faced many challenges—break rooms, showers and bathrooms drivers used on the road were closed. Truckers couldn’t get food at many restaurants. Almost 45% of drivers were concerned about their personal health. And 72% of drivers were most worried about carrying the COVID-19 virus back home to their family and friends. 

There’s also been a growing truck driver shortage for 15 years, and 2020 didn’t help with many drivers retiring earlier than expected. On top of early retirement, driving schools were shut down so younger people were not able to fill the trucking jobs left behind by retirees.

However, despite facing unprecedented challenges, truck drivers’ hard work and determination made sure our nation’s supply chains kept running smoothly. Midwest Carriers’ drivers worked around the clock, braving the unknown to ensure vital supplies were available for people across the United States.  

Our values of trust, create, serve and commitment kept us grounded. We leaned on our values to push through hardships, support one another, come up with innovative solutions and make sure goods kept trucking along.

Although 2020 was filled with unparalleled changes and fast decision-making, our top priority remained the same: Taking care of our drivers and customers, just like we have for 35 years.

The future of trucking

While we came out of 2020 stronger than ever, we still feel the impact of the unprecedented year. Due to several factors, including truck driver retirees not being replaced with younger drivers, the trucking industry has experienced a massive truck driver shortage for 15 years. There’s a chance the industry will be over 160,000 drivers short by 2028.

2020 is proof the trucking industry is vital to our country’s infrastructure. Truck drivers are essential workers—heroes—that we need to keep our economy going.

Are you looking for a career that makes an impact? Trucking jobs make sure that millions of people have food, gas, clothing and other essential, everyday supplies.

If you want to make a difference in communities, become a truck driver. A truly essential and important jobs that our country couldn’t do without. Truck drivers deserve to drive for a company who cares and supports them. At Midwest Carriers, our drivers are our top priority. Make the switch, drive Midwest Carriers.

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