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Trucking Jobs for Women: Midwest Carriers Offers Equal Opportunities and Support

We’re a women in trucking partner

Here at Midwest Carriers, we’ve always made our best effort to recruit female truckers and encourage more women to join the trucking industry. We’re lucky to have several strong female truckers who set an example and show women that the trucking industry offers rewarding careers.

We know that gender diversity brings new perspectives and opens doors to new opportunities. We also understand the importance of flexible work arrangements, fair compensation and inclusive corporate cultures to encourage the advancement of women in trucking. We believe the trucking industry is an industry that helps women achieve their professional goals without sacrificing personal goals. Women can be truck drivers and mothers, travelers, partners, aunts, DIYers, or whatever else their heart is set on.

Our commitment to supporting female truckers has led us to become a Women in Trucking (WIT) partner. As a WIT partner, we will help make the industry a more inclusive place for female truckers. From encouraging trucking jobs for women to addressing obstacles to celebrating gender diversity within our own carrier and beyond, this partnership allows Midwest Carriers to do our part in ensuring the industry is reaping the benefits of a diverse workforce.

WIT & Midwest Carriers encourage female trucking employment

In the past year, the trucking industry has seen almost a 30% increase in female OTR drivers. The increase in female truckers is more than likely the result of WIT’s industry-wide push to encourage trucking companies to hire more women drivers. However, despite the increase, women make up less than 6% of the professional truck driving population.

Female truckers bring innovation, problem-solving skills and overall revenue generation to the trucking industry. Women also greatly improve the industry with safe driving practices. Research concludes that women are far less likely to cause an accident than men. Female truckers perfectly fit the script for a career that requires patience, communication and self-motivation.

The trucking industry has a lot to gain from an influx of female drivers. Carriers everywhere are expected to face a loss of drivers as the older workforce retires. Many are already feeling the negative impact. Encouraging women to become truck drivers can be a huge benefit to the industry as female truckers can help fill the shortage. Women drivers represent a huge untapped labor force and are critical to the trucking industry’s future.

To improve the gender ratio in the industry, Midwest Carriers will utilize our partnership with WIT to advocate for female truckers, promote their accomplishments and minimize any obstacles they face.

Join our team of inspiring female truckers

At Midwest Carriers, we’re working to expanding our current group of strong, talented female truckers. Through our WIT partnership, we’re committed to:

  • Promoting career opportunities for female truckers
  • Encourage gender diversity in the trucking industry
  • Improve working conditions for women in transportation
  • Increase the number of female truckers at Midwest Carriers and throughout the industry

We’re here to support female truckers through top-industry pay, competitive benefits, no-touch freight and a team who cares. If you, or a truck driver you know, is ready to make the switch and Drive Midwest, reach out to our recruitment team. We’d love to chat.

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