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3 Reasons to Become a Truck Driver: What Robin Loves About Trucking

“What do you like about truck driving?” – A common question that Midwest Carriers’ driver, Robin, often gets asked. In her latest on-the-road vlog, Robin shares her top three favorite things about being a truck driver.

From seeing the country, to facing new adventures every day, to earning a good salary, you may discover that what Robin shares are reasons to become a truck driver yourself. The good news is Midwest is currently hiring OTR and Shuttle drivers and would love to speak with you about opportunities! Contact our recruiting department today.

See the country

As a Midwest Carriers’ truck driver, Robin gets to spend her time driving through the country, seeing all types of beautiful scenery.  Getting paid to explore the United States and all it has to offer is, to Robin, by far the best part about being a truck driver.

Every day is an adventure

Living life as a truck driver, everyday feels like an adventure. Robin not only enjoys seeing new places, but also loves working through challenges she faces day-to-day. Through those challenges, Robin learns something new almost every day, and often gets to experience a major sense of accomplishment after discovering solutions.

Do truck drivers make good money?

Aside from the other many reasons to become a truck driver, one obvious reason is the pay. If you land a trucking career with good company, truck driving is a really great paying job. Midwest’s flat-rate pay package and benefits allows our drivers to earn a solid salary.


Hey everybody! Today, I’m going to answer a question I get asked a lot. And that is, what it is a love about truck driving. Whenever anybody asks me that question, there’s three things that just pop in my head right away.

My number one thing, by far, is being able to see the country. I get to drive all over the country and see some beautiful scenery. I get to see mountains, desert, plains, cities, sunrises, sunsets, all of it, all different seasons. I think that, by far, is the coolest part about truck driving. And I get paid for it, so that’s a bonus. It’s cool not knowing where I’m going to be every week. I don’t know where I’m going to be next week! Maybe it’s Florida, maybe it’s Oregon, maybe Jersey, who knows! I think that’s exciting.

Which brings me to number two, the adventure. Every day in truck driving feels a little bit like an adventure. I don’t know where I’m going to be, little issues might crop up and I may have to troubleshoot and figure that out. Those challenges are fun, and that is another really big thing about trucking, you learn something every single day. I think that is so awesome. One time I couldn’t get my tandems to slide, I’m not a mechanic! But I got under the trailer and I realized there was a pin missing, so I pulled the other pin out and brought it into the shop, they gave me a pin, I put it in, got my tandems to slide, and I felt like a rockstar that day! It was something really small, but I did that! I troubleshooted that and I figured that problem out. That’s something that happens a lot in this job, and I find those challenges really fun. Overcoming them really gives you a sense of pride, and gives you a really cool sense of confidence. And I think that’s awesome.

Third, I can’t not mention the money. It’s a good paying job, especially if you’ve fallen with a good company, like Midwest Carriers. Midwest Carriers has a really good pay package and benefits and the whole ball of wax. If you’ve fallen with a good company, and you get good miles, you can make really good money in this job. That, with being able to see the country, and the challenges and learning something every day, and this being an everyday adventures – three great things about being a truck driver.

I’m not going anywhere for a while, I like this job. So yeah, I guess that’s the answer to that question! I hope you all have a safe day, and I’ll see you down the road!

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