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Women’s History Month at Midwest Carriers — Robin’s Inspiring Message!

Driver/vlogger Robin talks WIT.

As the country celebrates women this March, we’ve been making an effort to recognize the females who’ve made a career with us and help keep the wheels at Midwest Carriers turning.

We’ve been paying tribute to the efforts of our female employees, who are really more like family, on our social media channels (find us on Twitter and Facebook). And recently our driver/vlogger Robin took a few minutes to encourage and inspire other women to make a leap and join the trucking industry — specifically as a driver for Midwest Carriers.

Midwest Carriers is a proud Women in Trucking partner. WIT is an organization dedicated to encouraging the employment of women in the industry, promoting their accomplishments, and minimizing obstacles they face.

As Robin mentions, women make up around 6 to 7 percent of all professional truck drivers. At the same time, the U.S. is facing a truck driver shortage of around 48,000. That alone is a great reason for women to take a leap and join the trucking industry!

Robin’s vlog history is a story of her career at Midwest Carriers, and she often talks about how our company empowers, encourages, and minimizes obstacles for both male and female drivers. It can be an intimidating industry for women to join, so one new way we’ve minimized obstacles for female drivers is by having a female driver trainer, Marissa. Robin mentions her great experience training with a male when she began her Midwest Carriers career, but she notes the comfort that comes from getting behind the wheel with another woman at your side. It’s just one of the many steps we’ve taken to become a carrier who supports women in the industry!

Robin’s best advice for women in trucking is laid out in this latest vlog: Like any job, there is a learning curve involved. But women are stepping into these open truck driving roles and doing a really, really great job at it. Don’t just take our word for it, though. If there ever was an inspiring message to hear about women in trucking, this is it. Please take two minutes to watch, and you’ll hear the excitement and passion in Robin’s voice. It just might be the encouragement you need to join our team today!

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