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Driver and vlogger Robin talks staying active while on the road.

Before she became a professional truck driver, Robin worked an 8-5 office job. She had the ability to live by a schedule, and sticking to a regular workout plan was a big part of it. Exercise is, after all, one of her passions.

But when she decided to take on the excitement of a truck driving career, she knew she’d have to trade in her rigorous workouts for a more loosely scheduled routine.

In the latest installment of her vlog, Robin tells us how she changed her routine so she could stay active and fit while enjoying the freedom of being out on the road.


No, we’re not talking about touching toes and yoga poses, though it certainly would fit here. We’re talking about flexible scheduling!

Instead of sticking to a daily workout at a scheduled time, Robin realized she needed to become more flexible. She had to change her expectations regarding what type of workouts she’d be able to fit in each day.

The first thing she did was create a weekly checklist of the exercises she’d like to complete each week, and she checks them off as she gets them done. Because she doesn’t know where she’s going to be each day, whether it will be light or dark, of if her location will lend itself to a run or walk, she knows she needs to keep an open mind.

Where to begin

If you’re just getting started in the trucking industry or are a veteran who wants to begin an exercise program, Robin recommends adding two simple exercises you want to accomplish to a weekly checklist. Try to check them off daily, and once you’ve been doing it regularly for about three weeks, add in a few more activities or lengthen your workouts.

The reason, Robin says, to start with two activities is because adding too many and missing them might be discouraging. Realistic goals are key!

The mostly sedentary lifestyle of a truck driver can cause metabolism to drop, so new drivers shouldn’t be alarmed if some weight gain occurs after going out on the road. According to our partners at Women in Trucking, a few minutes of rigorous activity during downtime is one of the best ways to boost metabolism.

But how? What type of exercises should you do?

Walking: Keep it simple, but keep a brisk pace so you raise your heart rate. Keep reading to find out what Robin has learned about walking around her truck!

Lunges: They build leg muscles and also build mitochondria, which breaks down nutrients in your body and turns them into energy.

Shadow boxing: It’s fun, and you’re engaging your body’s fat-burning system. Move hard and fast!

Jumping rope: The equipment is easy to store, and it’s completely portable. It can also raise your heart rate two or three times faster than other exercises.

Robin’s Challenge

Like we mentioned earlier, one of the easiest ways to stay active is to simply walk laps around your truck and trailer. So if you’re reading along, Robin is challenging you to get out right now and see how many laps around your truck you can get in.

Fun fact: 33 laps around a standard tractor and trailer equals one mile! Can you walk a mile today? Let Robin know by commenting on her vlog!

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