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Fuel Efficiency Incentive Program for Truck Drivers

In the freight industry, managing fuel is always a top priority. At Midwest Carriers, a pivotal component of the way we manage fuel cost and usage is by involving and motivating our drivers to do what they can to make sure their trucks are getting the most miles possible on the least amount of fuel. Because of our drivers’ contentious use of time and fuel, we are able to weather the volatile fuel market in a way that respects our customer agreements and expectations while maintaining our business health.

Maximizing Your Truck’s Fuel Efficiency with Prices on the Rise

In 2022, we’re seeing the highest fuel prices of our lifetimes and the freight industry is affected on the frontline. The heavier the load, the more fuel it will take to haul it. At Midwest, we have been pioneers of fuel efficiency within the industry for over 15 years, beginning with our Fuel Emergency program. A foundational aspect of this program was putting the drivers in control of managing the usage of fuel from a strategic level.

Fast Math: The Impact of Midwest Drivers’ Fuel Efficiency

  • Midwest Carriers drives 1,200,000 miles per month
  • Average MPG consumption on semi-trucks is about 6.5mpg
  • Midwest strives to get 8mpg

Midwest Carriers drivers save 5 tankers full of fuel every month.

1,200,000 / 6.5 = 184,615 gallons used
1,200,000 / 8.0 = 150,000 gallons used
A difference of 34,615 gallons per month saved
A gallon of fuel weighs 8 lbs. so 34,615 x 8 = 276,920 lbs.
A tanker truck can carry 55,000 lbs.
276,920 pounds / 55,000 lbs. = 5
Midwest Carriers drivers save 5 tankers full of fuel every month

You’re in the Driver’s Seat

It turns out there are a lot of things you can do to make your truck more aerodynamic and running at tip-top condition. You can “read the road,” use momentum from traveling downhill, and leverage other savvy driving techniques to make sure you’re making all the smart decisions that translate directly into more miles per gallon.

  1. Don’t overfill your fuel tank.
  2. Make sure your tires are inflated to correct tire specifications
  3. Tighten your trailer to the truck to improve your aerodynamics.
  4. Control your speed – the slower you go, the better your mpg.
  5. Practice “smart” driving: be light on the fuel pedal and watch your RPMs.

Plan Your Route

Fuel efficiency starts before you ever even pull off the lot. Smart trip planning is essential when you’re thinking about the miles that have to be traveled to deliver the loads you’ve got to transport. Identify the shortest distance for your trip and once you’re on the road, pay attention to your gears, speed and the road in front of you.

Get the Cheapest Fuel on the Route with the Midwest App

One of the best ways to stay efficient with fuel is at the pump – selecting the cheapest option in your area can translate into big savings that add up fast. At Midwest, our drivers use the Midwest fueling station app to view and find the best prices on your route. This helps you plan ahead and stay in control of your potential savings.

Midwest Pays Drivers to Be More Fuel Efficient

As a trucker at Midwest, when you save fuel, we put the savings back into your paycheck. Our drivers are motivated to take ownership of the tasks and tweaks that are required to keep your truck humming over the roads, maximizing those mpgs. The fastest way to save fuel is by going slower. Through the incentive program, drivers are compensated for their added time so think of this as a way to see your work pay off in a very real way.

How the Midwest Shares the Savings

We know that everything depends on our drivers’ dedication to their work. Fuel efficiency savings would be impossible without the focused attention of our drivers every single day on the road. The best part about this program is how much control the drivers have about the amount they save and consequently earn. By making smart decisions and being a responsible trucker, you can consistently add to your salary!

More Miles Per Gallon? Make More Cents Per Mile!

A semi-truck averages 6.5 miles per gallon of diesel fuel. Idle time in the truck burns a gallon of fuel per hour. Midwest adds cents per mile for 7.25 mpg and above. The structure for mpg and compensation is structured in tiers based on your average mpg for the month.

The coolest thing about fuel efficiency in trucking is that you can make a real difference! By making simple small changes to the way you think about the route or the way you prepare your truck and trailer, you can see real savings (and money in your paycheck) right away!

Added to Your Check Monthly!

You don’t have to wait long to see the work pay off – Midwest’s mileage incentive program pays you immediately for the savings of the previous month. Cents per mile translate into dollars per paycheck – up to $750 a month for our top drivers!

How to Calculate Your Truck’s Fuel Mileage

Calculating how you’re doing with fuel efficiency is easy and Midwest doesn’t complicate the way you get compensated either! Every time you fuel up your tank, divide the number of miles you traveled by the number of gallons you put in the tank the last time and you’ll get your average mpgs – the number you need to know for your monthly mileage bonus!